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About Annelise:


This Spring, I was shooting a bride and groom's portrait session and I realized something; I was laughing! I was so excited about the art I knew I was creating, the light, the couple, the real love, that I couldn't hold it in. I know this may make me seem geeky, and that's fine because I kinda am. In photography, I have found the sweet spot where my passion for creativity, laughter, people, and art collide. It's pretty cool.

My name is Annelise, and I am a photographer serving the Pacific Northwest. My home is in Walla Walla, Washington, and I am an avid traveler. I'm also an artist, adventurer, and lover of all things tiny.... oh, and a bit of a geek.

Mother Nature is my guide when it comes to photography. If there is a field or woodsy area nearby, you will most likely find me there at Golden Hour shooting into the sun, playing with the rays of light in my lens. I also love bringing my studio lighting with me for dramatic boudoir portraits. 

I want to seek out your story and allow the light to dance around you capturing every genuine smile, laugh, and moment. I’d love to hear from you and begin telling your story.


Annelise, post coffee glow.